Thursday, May 19, 2011

Canoodling da noodlings~

What an interesting restaurant! You know it just from the name itself!

L.O.V.E the restaurant concept. So focus and simple. All about noodles. Soup or dry. The food are simple, really. Nothing extra ordinary or over the top. Price for all meals are standardized at RM9.90. Kan senang?

I had beef noodle, which is really nice. Reminds me of the Vietnam beef noodle. The meat is tender and i love the noodle texture. Shana had dry duck noodle or sthing like that. SEDAP! I'm not a fan of duck, but that was one juicy duck. Came with cili potong...ish, sedap lah.

Shafiq had tomyam meehoon. The tomyam is the clear type. You can taste the distinct lime taste, which i love. For hardcore tomyam lovers like shafiq who prefers red tomyam, this is not for you.

Icing on the cake is the atmosphere of the restaurant itself. Moden, simple and a nice place to chill with friends. It's not noisy unless there are groups of people there for birthday celebrations like what we experienced la :p

Food : 4
Portion : 5
Service : 5
Environment : 5
Price : 5

Value for money: 5!

Canoodling is at 2nd Flr, Bangsar Village 2
T: 03-2287 1566
Open: 12pm - 10pm

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm baaaaaccckkk! Belanga, this is for u for making my day!

I've forgotten how much writing about food makes me happy..just as happy as food consumption! but writing about it will not make me better la kot :D hehehe

So, I'm back!
With all the stressful aura at work and what not, I've decided, I've gotta have sthing saint to get ma mind off the craziness of the world, so nyummylicious it is then.

My comeback post is for Belanga. Plainly because i've been having hell of a year and even hell-er (got ah such word?) of a week that i just needed a place that i can have good food (with good price tag) and just to lepak and chill with a friend i can sembang2 with. So I had my lunch at Belanga, Empire Mall today with Izzah.

I had Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik and Teh Ais. Izzah had Mee bandung and Nusantara Ice Blended. I must say, for a modern restaurant, the food is super homemade ok! I cant remember the last time I had such good Nasi Kerabu. I think it was many2 years back from a pasar malam in penang. But what I had just now was goooooodddd. The ayam percik was nice. The sauce was not sweet, which is common in KL restaurants. But the best was the teh tarik ais!! Sedap gileee! Mcm kat mamak! :D

I didnt have a taste of Izzah's Mee bandung cos I was bz stuffing myself with Nasi kerabu but it definitely looked delicious. Pekat enough with generous praws. Her drink, Nusantara Ice Blended was weirdly interesting with jelly-like toppings. Sedap tuuu!

All in all, had an awesome time there, mainly because of Izzah but the food was just awesommeeeee. I wish I had bigger tummy for the kuih2 melayu which I L.O.V.E. But because we were so bz chit chatting, kenyang bersembang! hehe
Our bill totaled at RM 38 (and i added Teh O Ais too)

Food : 5
Portion : 4
Service : 4
Environment : 5
Price : 5

Value for money: 5!

Great place to lepak for home-cooked local food :)

Belanga is available at The Gardens (LG next to Nyonya) and Empire Mall (3rd flr)
[these are the ones i've been to la]


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Las Vacas Madavacas!!

This entry is not based on 1st visit. In fact I've been coming here too damn often sampai lupa d to write it on ma blog. But it's not fair cos im not giving justice to the awesome food! People, if you are looking for the best, simple, humble steak, Las Vacas is the place babeh!!

There are varieties of steak, from grass fed stirloin to agnus to even wagyu and lambs. My fav will be chump chop. SEDAPP! the meat is well marinated and served with some salad with simple dressing and a piece of garlic bread. Enough talk..I'll let the pic do the talking.

by the time i got the camera, this was all i managed to capture

Black Agnus steak and Grass fed stirloin in the background

2 pcs of lamb shoulders. super delicioussss!

Apple pie with ice cream

a must try dessert! Sundae! Ice cream and chocolate mousse with surprises at the bottom! ;)

Outlet situated at:

No.23, Jalan SS 5A/11, Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03 78740711 Fax: 03 78740655

Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm daily

There's a new outlet in Mont Kiara, next to Baskin Robbins. :)
Price wise, affordable for steaks la. Today's entry was based on 4 pax - an agnus steak, grass fed steak and 4 pcs of lamb shoulder, 2 sundaes and 1 apple at that's around RM61 each. Not bad, huh? :D

So if you are a steak lover, you HAVE gotta try Las Vacas. Do call for reservation if you plan to go for dinner during the weekends.

Enjoy! Nyammmmmm!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The best maggie ever!

So my siblings n dad been overselling this 'maggie papa' that is super nice in BM that i had to go n try it for myself.

A lil background, 'maggi papa' came about from ma dad's home cooked maghi recipe. It has dried prawns n squid n loads of onion n esp garlic. Not to b missed is da addt curry ppwder n egg on top of da reg maggie n u make it not to dry nor to soupy. Thats ma dad's maggi papa n we all loveee it. But ma dad hardly cook, so its difficult to get maggi papa when u want it unless u cook for urself.

So this maggie curry from nasi kandar desa is da next best alternative as they uses da same ingredieny n even more; tomatoes, green vege n cili padi!

So if u r a maggi lover, make sure to try when u r in bukit mertajam. Ull be amazed with what a simple dish can do to ur taste buds :)

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Location:Nasi kandar desa, bukit mertajam

Monday, June 8, 2009

Nachos nachos!

(pic taken from cos i forgot to snap maself)

For the nachos lovers out will loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this place. I used to rush to Chili's everytime i crave for nachos. But ive found an alternative..with a more affordable price tag too!

Welcome Nachos Nachos to my love-for-food-life! Situated at such strategic place in Giant Kota Damansara. You can find all kinds of nachos there.

I had mixed quesadillas and Aze had beef fajista. The quesadillas was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee. The chicken and beef was just so damn tender. Aze's was nice too. But the beef was a lil over cooked. Maybe cos of the sizzling. So tip; if you order fajitas..make sure to tell em not to over-cook it ;)

However the guacamole is an expensive add on. RM 3 each! But worth it la. Both of our meals, plus 2 guacamole and 2 drinks came up to RM50+-. So roughly RM25 each. Not so bad eh? :D

If only the waiters were mexican... :p


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Vincenzo One Bangsar

So last 27th May we celebrated Aze's birthday at Vincenzo One Bangsar. We were given a private room for our so-called-party. Ofcourse I added some 'spices' to the dish; helim balloons! BEST! hehehe. 

Anyways, a highly recommended place for a special function/dinner with friends or fam. The outdoor sitting is beautiful and if u want a private one like us, you could just call up and make reservation.

Shafiq, Thana and myself reached earlier to set the place. Then the party-pooper-bday-gal came before the rest..30mins early! So since we were starving we ordered ma fav, escargot. NYUMMY!!

There were 7 of us. Mady and I ordered the same; moon-shape pizza..nyummy! but recommended for sharing. Shana ordered some salmon cream spaghetti. Very nice but very easy jelak. Shafiq had pesto. Aze and eeleng had aglio-olio look a like but with big prawns. Thana had hawaiian pizza.

The environment is top notch la. The food are nice but a lil pricey. There are menus of meals of up to RM800bucks each! CRAZY!!!

For more info you can login to their page at


Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Loaf - a must visit bistro!

I'm gonna start my post with rating

(1 lowest, 5 highest)

Food: 5
Portion: 5
Service: 4 (the staff's eng pronunciation needs to be improved)
Environment: 5 - private
Price: 5 (as in really high priced :P)
Value for money: 5!

I must say, this is ma new fav bistro. Not just 'cos of the food and the environment and what not, but just the whole experience! I first tried out The Loaf a few weeks back with Aze and Aini after our warehouse trip at Istana Hotel. We were blown awayyyy! How nice can an ice lemon tea be?? But the one at The Loaf really made me crave for more! Ish..

Anyways, decided to throw a special bday dinner for Eeleng's 25th, so the gals (and da 2 guys) gathered at The Loaf for dinner. Here's what we had..

Shafiq: Lamb Rack - a must try for lamb lovers. (the lamb smell is pretty strong tho)

Aze: Beef terderloin - Awesomely has wasabe in the dressing!

Eeleng: Carbonara - nyumm!

Shana & Thana: Arabic Lamb Sandwich - highly recommended!

Mady & me: Salmon Steak  - recommended!

The portion is JUST NICE. So you can still opt for desserts afterwards. Try the cheese cups from U-hu-hu at Level 3 (still within The Loaf)..awesome!!!

All in all..we had a great time. I would definitely recommend this place. You guys have gotta try it! But make sure you have the cash to spend (esp on the steaks) ;)

For RSVP and contacts:

Level 3&4 Pavillion (next to Coach)
Phone: 03-2145 3036